Star Alliance lounge access with Aegean Gold card

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When entering a Star Alliance lounge (i.e Koru Loungue or Kris loungue) does a simple flash of a Gold Aegean Card suffice? I am planning to use my brother's card to gain entry would this be possible?


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Unfortunately no!

They should check boarding pass and your FF card


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Second that. They have always taken my boarding pass and A3 Gold card to clarify and enter into their systems - presumably to charge A3. Please don't try to abuse a privilege which is not yours. 


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You not only risk looking like a right idiot at the lounge entrance but also risking your brother's membership in the program. And if the lounge dragons were in a bad mood they'd tell the AFP or local police that someone was pretending to be someone else - not a very clever thing to do at an airport. 


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They check boarding passes, they rarely even look at cards. 

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