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  • (without any loosening of the international borders by Aus Gov this disucssion is really pointless but one can't help to wonder ahah) Personally I Think it would be more so an opportunity for Greece to subsidise flights to Australia given how important the tourism sector is for the country and ho...

  • Looking at getting a flight across to Europe via Hong Kong but it will be booked on a Lufthansa flight code but travelling on Cathay pacific then onwards with Lufthansa. Will I my Star Gold benenefits still be applied or not? Thank you so much in advance!!!!

  • ps. I have rang VA and they said it is up to the discretion of the staff at the airport.

  • I have booked a Virgin Australia flight from MEL-PER to connect up with my singapore flight to london. If I were to take/book an additional bag, could I technically get away with just paying for an additional bag with VA (Not SQ) and hope they check through all the bags to london?

  • The staff in Singapre issued me with boarding passes all the way to Rhodes. And the bags were also seamlessly put through all the way to Rhodes. However my grandmother for example did a similar routing to yours though from Sydney, she just had to ask in Singapore for the boarding passes to Athens...

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