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I'm looking at doing a couple of status credit runs from now until the 30th of July to retain my qantas Platninum status, I'm currently sitting on 400 status credits.

Thank you!


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You better do some serious flying to achieve this!


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Get used to Qantas Club :(


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A 'couple of status credit runs'? You now have 400 status credits, you need to get to 1200 to retain Platinum although Qantas does sometimes let longer-term Platinums keep their status for another year even if they fall short of the 1200, just not too short!

Anyway, not sure what 'question' you are actually asking here Keiran. Are you asking for tips on the best routes for this, or the lowest-cost way to do it?

Either way, if you need 800 status credits that is a lot of flying unless you are in first class, even in international business class it's still a lot and will cost you a packet. Maybe you just need to cross your fingers that Qantas offers a double status credit promotion soon!


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If before 1 July, you could investigate getting a QF flight to Tapei via HKG. From there book a couple of return business flights to a number of nearby ports around Asia with CX routing through HKG. Still going to cost you a bit.

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