What hours does the Tourist Refund Scheme booth in SYD operate?

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What hours does the Tourist Refund Scheme booth at Sydney airport operate?



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"Claims at airports are available up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight."



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It's pretty much open during airport hours and as MyBagsArePacked has helpfully said, you have to claim your rebate half an hour before your flight takes off. So don't leave this to the last minute because there is usually a queue at the TRS counter - and anyway, a half hour before your international flight departs I would want to be at the gate or readying to leave the lounge!

My own advice is to make the TRS rebate the very first thing you do when you get through customs. Head to the counter, join the queue and get this out of the way, so you can spend the rest of your time at the airport relaxing and with this task no longer on your mind.


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I've used the TRS a few times and it always seems to be open, even when I'm catching early morning flights. I agree with David's advice, get to the airport early and be prepared to queue up - if you travel during "peak" times, you could be waiting up to an hour...

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