• Vodafone offers free NZ roaming

    Feb 01, 2016, 09:53 AM

    That won't be possible as there's a limit of 90 days to the $5 Roaming (and presumably, by extension, to this free NZ offer). See the Terms and Conditions.

  • All well and good until you lose your phone in the back of taxi :) I still prefer keeping the hotel's business card in one of my pockets.

  • Free wi-fi at Singapore airport

    Sep 22, 2011, 12:10 PM

    No need to visit anyone. Simply select SingTel with your roaming SIM and you’ll get a free access code for [email protected] SMSed to you. Rinse and repeat in 24 hours (or use another foreign SIM for another access code – who doesn’t have multiple SIMs these days?) You can also try ...

  • Regarding: > Gold Visa Debit card -- not the NAB Gold credit cards I can confirm that if you have linked your credit card to the NAB Gold Banking transaction account that this can similarly be used for fee-free withdrawals when abroad. Just be sure to have the account linked to the “C...

  • Of course they thought of this, they just figured that maybe it wouldn't happen for a while and that people wouldn't make such a fuss. Welcome to 2011 Qantas.

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