Best sim card to use within Europe?

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Best sim card to use within Europe? Need calls/text and preferably data.

Chris C.

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Which countries are you planning to visit?


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Chris Western Europe is about as narrow as I can make it at the moment


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You know, with the palava of getting your original sim card out to use your existing device or to get different devices, which may not have the same functionality of your existing device; not to mention the concern that you will not be getting calls on your existing number if you do swap the sim on your existing device, I found on balance it works out better to purchase a data package from your Telco in advance. The Telstra Casual Traveller Data pack, while slightly more expensive literally gives you the freedom to roam abroad without too much worry. Telstra also sends you a txt each time 20MB of data is used to monitor your usage. 

So unless you are willing to fork out $ to pay for a smartphone outright and then send a message to your address book informing everyone that you will be on a new number for DD MM YY to DD MM YY  X GMT, then I think getting a local sim card is false economy.


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Very true, I'm not usually away long enough to worry about it but i'll look into that option


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All depends on how much you value $ cost  versus convenience, and how much usae (both data and calls) you are going to make over there.

Navigating using Google Maps for example can chew up data.

On my own coin I will generally buy a new SIM in most countries, albeit I have a Dual SIM android which means I can still receive calls and SMS on my Aussie number

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