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Been a while since i've surfed the actual QF website, and just noticed for P1 Benefits: New: "If you're travelling on a flexible Qantas domestic fare, arrive at the airport earlier than planned, and want to catch an earlier available flight, any fare differential will be waived if the same fare class is not available."... how long has this been on for?


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From memory it came it rather recently as part of the P1 enhanced benefits which included Partner Platinum status etc


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Yep, was launched last month – see Qantas sweetens Platinum One frequent flyer status for more details.


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It is quite astonishing to me that this new Platinume One benefit has already been a benefit for VA Platinums, but it's even better as not only on a flexible fare, even on the cheapest Saver Lite you and as long as there is a seat on the flight they will give it to you! Used it many times myself.


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Hi KG,  Actually ven VA Gold have had this benefit for a long time.  I have been gold for 2 years and have turned up early I'd say around 20 times and I have always got on an earlier flight, even from cheap fares.  It's a major advantage that Qantas Gold does not offer.

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