Will melbourne get a Amex Centruion lounge?

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Will melbourne get a Amex Centruion lounge? And I find it strange that Amex opened its on lounges when centruion members get Priorty pass , Qantas club membership,Virgin Australia lounge access, and most Amercian Airlines lounge access free!! So why open its own!!


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Maybe makes sense in the US, where Centurion lounges are the least crummy lounges around. Doesn't seem like as much demand in Australia, where the Qantas lounges are quite good. 

I'm confused by all the different Amex levels though, but I know that Centurion lounges aren't just for Centurion card holders, also for other levels of expensive card which don't necessarily include as many extra perks.


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A Centurion member With QP & VA lounge membership only helps when you fly those airlines (or selected partners). If you fly CX or UA you would not have had any lounge access in Y.

However I'm not sure that many Centurion members would fly in Y all that often!

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