Your Thoughts On EK's IFE?

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Your Thoughts On EK's IFE?

My experience has been good with them over the Tasman but when it came to IFE, I was really disappointed, barely any new movies and mostly all movies had to be Arabic and Bollywood for god's sake.


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On the plus side I love the size of the monitor in J (I'm always on the 77W), however I have to agree that I mostly find the recent content disappointing.  I'm probably not a representation of their primary customer, when I fly I prefer to watch something in the "newer release" category then a culturally diverse piece.  I appreciate they will have a larger, more locally focused content, but with the way they market the volume of content, I expect to find more.  I'm find myself watching TV shows (or my iPad) more often.

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My main issue is that they censor the moviess more than, say, Qantas does. It's very noticeable and annoying. 


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I'm not a fan of EK content precisely because of that. But I don't necessarily blame them; current offerings from Hollywood leaves much to be desired. Which is the other thing that gets my goat: why is inflight entertainment perceived only to be good when current blockbusters are being shown? The airline that is able to offer a library of excellent films from the past gets my vote. On a recent AA flight, films like Steel Magnolias (original version), Dangerous Liaison, How to marry a millionaire, Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger and Sense & Sensibility to name a few, were being shown. New is not necessarily better!

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