Using Matrix for airline ticket prices

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Anyone know how to really get the prices of airline tickets from website and either buy online OR from a travel agent?


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Be aware that default prices shown on that website are actually USD.  


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A few tips for ITA:

  • Fares that are listed on ITA may not be available (may not be loaded yet, or may be sold out)
  • As charlieg said earlier, the default currency is USD, but this can be changed when choosing your search parameters.
  • If you're using ITA for mileage run planning (which is all I'd normally recommend it for), consider using multiple different origin and destination airports. If you go for this, you might want to un-tick allow airport changes, otherwise you might get a trip that goes to Taipei, and returns from Mumbai.
  • In the same vein, if you're doing a MR, consider searching by alliance by using advanced routing rules - you can do this using '/ alliance oneworld' , '/ alliance star-alliance' or '/ alliance skyteam', without quotes. There are other routing rules which you can use - the'yre in the help section on ITA.
  • If you're flexible with dates, use the calendar of best prices (remember that you can also specify flexibility in trip length)

Once you've set all the different parameters, and selected a particular timeframe, you can see the various fares that are available. Select your preferred option by clicking the price - this will take you to a page which will describe the exact routing. There's a section of this page called 'Fare Construction' which you can take to a travel agent - they should (hopefully) know what this means.

Orbitz uses the same backend as Matrix, so it will often display the same fares - that's if you don't want to go to a travel agent. Just be aware Orbitz displays fares in USD.


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Two travel agents coudn't match the price we got on the Matrix ITA..... and one which we've had bad experience with before didn't want a bar of the document.


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The fares I've paid for from quotes from ITA Matrix have mostly been on the money. But then I tend to book directly with AA on the phone. I find prices do vary with some carriers e.g SQ or QF. 


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I used to use Matrix regularly, but it seems duff gen (bad data) is more of an issue of late. I now prefer Skyscanner for fare checks.

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