• Qantas launches Qantas Pay card

    Apr 16, 2024, 08:08 PM

    Qantas Money has been useful on international travel and international purchases online. Now looking at the new logo… it’s not a good look. On that note, I’d rather my physical Platinum QF card be used as a Prepaid card… why the change? I don’t need another card in...

  • Business and Platinum members only - not sure why anyone else is allowed in. But really, food needs to be improved but perhaps a F lounge should be made in Perth. 

  • I’ll miss VA’s coast to coast experience in J… it was and still better than QF’s offering and really wish we had more airlines/competition for this route…  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a similar offering of La Compagnie? One or two aircraft’s ...

  • Thank you ET. Status Match done and done, approved in less than 24 hours and then 24 hours later I’ve got my flight booked! *A Gold in my digital wallet. 

  • $5 a day is great value, saves the hassle of sourcing a local sim and a much better offer than other telco’s who charge more for so little data. 

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