Tipping at the Qantas First Lounge LAX.

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Tipping at the Qantas First Lounge LAX.

Lucky from onemileatatime has recently raised this but I am curious to know that Australian's thoughts are on this matter? Do Qantas pay the dining room waiters/person at the bar at LAX fairly?

I always leave a few dollars in the shower at LAX but I'm unsure about the waiters. I would not dream of tipping in the dining rooms in MEL or SYD... It would not even cross my mind.


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while i haven't done it that particular lounge. I have tried it in other non domesitc lounges in the US and they have all said they are not allowed to accept tips. 

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One persons 'fair' is another persons 'unfair'....it's a very relative word to use...As long as QF fullfills its legal obligations, an individuals notion of 'fair' doesn't enter the equation...I'm very confident that QF outline all the terms/conditions/salaryof employment. And if you don't think its 'fair', then don't take the job.

The American expectation/institution of  tipping (mainly)in the services sectors really grinds my gears.. It's not the rest of the worlds (our) obligation to part pay the wages of American workers just because the U.S. govt sets a pathetically low min wage for some sectors of its workers in the U.S....maybe you should ask the U.S govt if the min wage it sets for its workers is 'fair'.

I happily tip individuals who provide a better than 'normal' service..but I don't tip if it's an EXPECTATION (due to low wages)

Those are my views

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OMG remind me never to go out with you in the US. I'd like to see you refuse to pay the specified tip (%15 in canada) after a meal


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Agree with pretty much all of what you say except raising a minimum wage.

Would people attest to the standard of hospitality service being markedly higher in the US than Australia? Perhaps it's the idea that they have to perform to get paid that incentivises better service. 

I dine out 2-4 times a week here and it never ceases to amaze me when I get exceptional service, then I tip. But not just because I had my order taken.


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I was recently at the Delta Sky Club at JFK. I had a meal and drinks. I was advised that it was up to the travler to leave a tip. This said when I went to the bar, there was a tip jar and it was full.


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In the US it is more or less custom to tip a dollar per drink when you order something at the bar, whether you paid for the drink or choose a complimentary one. That's why the tipping jars are full.


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If I'm on my way out of the country, I don't have any USD left.

Or at least, I pretend not to.


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Just be careful, unlike Elaine & Jerry in 'Seinfeld' when the skycap said he got $5 a bag & Elaine threatened to report him - :

"JFK...*throws their bags in another pile* Honolulu"

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