• All staff sign a contract, and have EBAs relevant to their position. If they don't like it, they can raise their concerns to their position.

  • QF is evolving and adjusting its aircraft (pax seating)  to better fit demand during certain periods, weekends.AND QF also is great at up gauging domestic routes/flights during periods of high demand. VA is turning into a sole 737 domestic operator. No competiti...

  • AUS is a country of 25million ish population, and the rest of the world comprises 7billion ish, YET some people expect the SOLE premium airline of AUS to service THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!! LOL.

  • Makes sense to me. Qantas aircraft will pick to fly to select  longer haul destinations NON STOP, to service those who will pay a more for less time/hassle, which is a 'market' from/to AUS.  and along with a few regional ports (within 8-14hrs, middle east/a...

  • All sounds good to me. QF increasing the J/C suite/wide body options. Airlines adjusting their aircraft/capacity/services where/when possible via their alliances. All part of running a business. It's a sub 3HR flight peoples. Have you become THAT PRECIOUS???

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