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LAX AIRPORT. Hi Guys, got a friend going to Houston with a 7 hour stopover at LAX and he doesn't want to leave the airport. Any recommendations how to kill the time? Thanks


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There is really not much to do at all at LAX.  If  your friend has 7 hours, I would suggest doing a quick tour direct from the airport.


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In-and-out Burger


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If he wants a nap, there's a few hotels near the airport that'll let you hire out a room for a day or half day.   Might be worth the money to have a shower and freshen up.


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Last year I had a six hour layover. I had enough time to head to Venice beach, do some shopping and eat at In-and-out burger. I am not suggesting your friend does that itinerary in their seven hour stop, just demonstrating that you can make a stopover at LAX worthwhile

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How about an airport hotel! That way you could sleep in! 


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As above, fully recommend in-and-out Burgers, or head to Manhatten beach and kill the time. Plenty to do and see, and only a quick trip from the airport

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