• Aug 24, 2016, 03:29 PM

    Doubt we'll see this aircraft on the trans-tasman routes which are currently operated by 'Jetconnect' aircraft and staff......unless they schedule in additional timings. The current base for B787's is Melbourne, so likely launch route could be departing MEL. eg: MEL-DFW-JFK and return

  • A selection of coffee on board. All the way with Nestl?!

  • Great news! The Domestic Business lounge is always full, and hard to find seats. Upgraded bar and food area will be beneficial as they are really strapped for space. Would improve their efficiencies too, as currently they have to wheel food through the QClub into the business lounge! Hopefully th...

  • What about San Francisco? That is a GREAT stop-over city.....is it not?!

  • I know AA lounge in LAX has lots of ipads around. When you sit down just enter the flight details into the Ipad and it will give you visual and audible cue for boarding time, delays and departure gate information. This is very handy especially if your not in direct line of sight to the informatio...

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  • The seats definately feel exceptionally shorter and knees touch the seat in front for 13+ hours..........for a smaller person it would be fine.....although it is bearable, and convenient!

  • Recommend Datwin - lot more to do, however they are now enjoying the wet seasonAlice Springs is interesting once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the Darwin Waterfront is more appealing and relaxing IMHO

  • Upper deck requires you to take the stairs to secluded 18 seats, but only has 1 toilet. I would say its quieter upstairs,  but downstairs has an easily accessible large wardrobe in the very front nose. Both are good, with preferences going to row 1 downstairs or 11 upstairs

  • Get travel insurance See as much as you can whilst you are there if you have to do repeat trips, stick with one airline so you can build frequent flyer points

  • sydney to new york

    Sep 21, 2015, 04:15 PM

    Shortest Routes:Qantas all the wayAnd soon, American Routes with a twist:Cathay PacificDeltaHawaiian Mighty Miles Buster:EmiratesQatarEtihad

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