• I have flown 45000 miles in the last 6 weeks.  Singapore Airlines, Virgin and Qantas and as I mentioned before, in my opinion I find the offering by Qantas as an international economy flyer is far better than Singapore or Virgin.  

  • Hi rob01 - I am also with Vodafone for work and travel to Singapore every few weeks.  Had the same issue with slow data speeds until I upgraded my phone (from Samsung S6 Edge to iPhone 7).  Might be a pure coincidence but am getting super fast speeds now (am in Singapore at the moment)

  • Well I flew Virgin to the USA in February and QANTAS in April and from my experience and opinion much preferred seating in QANTAS. 

  • good point - and also didn't it have something to do with foreign investment? 

  • QANTAS international travel economy food / entertainment etc is far superior than Virgin.  Also much prefer 13+ hours on a A380 vs 777

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  • Don't shout back if you don't like the answer.  Seems you have so called 'yelled' at people in a past post... Originally Posted by Serg : Originally Posted by AnthonyvB : Simple answer is NO! And.... WHY SO LOUD?!? Do not shout If you simply do not like it - I personally would not care as lo...

  • Simple answer is NO!

  • Singapore Airlines' new safety video

    Aug 08, 2017, 10:33 PM

    Could not agree with you more Booster.. found it very boring (bit like the service on their airline at the moment)Originally Posted by Booster : O dear SQ...this a long, drawn out and complicated imitation of other airlines work..it just drones on doesn't it.At least their Head of Customer Exper...

  • Bumped up to Velocity Gold early!

    Aug 07, 2017, 01:27 AM

    Does not work that way - status points to retain start at your next anniversary. Originally Posted by Spaniel : Yep and it means instead of 15 wasted status credits from my next flight I will get 20 counting towards retaining gold (I have no chance of getting platinum)

  • Jetstar 787 MEL-SIN

    Aug 02, 2017, 07:23 AM

    Thanks for your thoughts.  I do the Melbourne > Singapore run once a month for work (in economy).  I used to fly Singapore Airlines, but to be honest am finding there service, food etc pretty average these days.  Have really enjoyed flying Qantas the last few months, but will th...

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