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Hey guys,

i flew recently melbourne to singapore in economy jetstar and i was really surprised it was quite a good seat, comfortable, wide enough and the food was good! I would happily take this over Singapore airlines/Qantas just because it was so cheap. Although they can improve in inflight entertainment system, it was pretty poor and also at one stage i asked for someone water and I was told to get it myself down the back! In my opinion the 787 is a great aircraft and very comfortable, but a lot of ausbt readers seem to bash the 787 as "bone crushing" and "uncomfortable". Has anyone else thought that a 787 in 3-3-3 confit is fine? 


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Never had a problem with the 787 or Jetstar. I find their international flights incredibly comfortable and staff super friendly and efficient


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Ditto the above. Have flown MEL-SIN and MEL-DPS, both sectors return and on several occasions. 787 is comfortable and service has always been good. Will do it again. 


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Jetstar is a pretty good airline, regardless of whether you get the 787 or not. I've flown them to Japan a few times and in economy the comfort is no worse than any other airline, just bring your own entertainment and/or food.


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It's narrow, but in my opinion fine.

(But I'm happy flying in Air Asia's even narrower 3x3x3 333, and I'm by no means petite).

The Business Class is a step ahead of the other LCC competitors if you get offered a cheap upgrade.

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I am 6'2 and I unfortunately did not have as great an experience on Jetstar B787 economy as you guys did. I guess it's my fault, I should've booked a better seat or flown with a full service carrier. Tolerable for 3-4 hours, but overnight flights between Tokyo and Melbourne was a nightmare. My two cents.


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I'm 6'5 and built like a rugby player who's eaten too many pies. never had a problem with comfort on the 787, though there could ALWAYS be more legroom. 


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I only fly 787s in W or J to negate this issue


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Thanks for your thoughts.  I do the Melbourne > Singapore run once a month for work (in economy).  I used to fly Singapore Airlines, but to be honest am finding there service, food etc pretty average these days.  Have really enjoyed flying Qantas the last few months, but will think about giving Jetstar a go..  


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AirNZs 787s are sweet, not sure why folk bang on about slim seats? To be fair I'm 5.10 and 74KGs so ...


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Nothing could be worse than Singapore airlines economy. So Jetstar definetly beats it.

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