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  • Of course we need to have open borders as soon as vulnerable people are vaccinated. We may still have some form of quarantine in place (say at home) while the bulk of population is getting vaccinated. Not everyone would get a vaccine - its their choice but general population can not be held hosta...

  • Its always funny how some (doubleplatinu grannular ) defend airlines that provide bad service. As customers we naturally demand a better and cheaper service whether it is a budget airline or a premium carrier.

  • Originally Posted by Grannular I don't think you will get much sympathy on here when complaining about Jetstar. You seemed to have a lot of problems, but still persist with using them. I understand that the fares are cheap but generally, you get what you pay for. In any case, it sounds like every...

  • Thats a bad customer service. They had to provide you phone numbers and assurance that they will help you to resolve the ussue. Shame on a Jetstar.

  • Qatar A380 Business class 21A advice

    Jan 13, 2018, 03:12 PM

    Yeah, I can confirm the above. I was flying a week ago and it was quiet.

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