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Hi everyone,

A quick one for those who have travelled with Qatar in business from Mel - DOH (or Syd) on the A380. I have just booked to Europe and on my flight to DOH from Melbourne I can only pick seat 21A or some centre seats further up the cabin. I am travelling for work on my own and I'm more concerned that seat 21A is quiet close by the bar. Does anyone know if there is allot of noise that far back the cabin or its ok. Id prefer a single seat but that said also would like a good snooze, The other thing is id imagine that allot of people that late will sleep and probably not head to the bar but thought id check from someone who has done the route. On the return I am up in 17A. Either way I'm looking forward to adding a new airline in business to the list (if only I could earn better QF credits but alas 2K cheaper to sit in a superior seat and I believe service to QF, I had to do it)

Thanks for any help,


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On my experience on a boxing day flight from Syd to Doh A380 wiht a full J cabin I think you will be far enough that you shouldn't hear much, if anything from the bar.

Its separated by heavy curtains and the ambient engine noise also masks sounds. The space was barely used outside of the first few hours of the flight with most people opting to sleep, and those using the bar talking quietly so as not to disturb others in the bar space, or even be a heard in the adjacent cabins. In the morning, the bar area was mainly used by people to get a 'proper' coffee but this also not an excessively noisy exercise.

I suspect that the flushing Lavatories are more likely to be a source of disturbance than a group of people in the bar (Unless you are unlucky and get a rowdy bunch) Though you are not too close to those either.

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thanks for the reply and detail theresnormissin. I look forward to the flIght the and will keep the seat I’m in


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Yeah, I can confirm the above. I was flying a week ago and it was quiet.


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I’ve flown Syd/doh/Syd three times,and from my experience the bar has always been quiet.


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I was the only person in the bar on a recent night flight between Doha and Heathrow. The passing traffic to the loos would likely be more bothersome than noise from the bar. I was in 18K and felt sorry for the chap who was in the seat right before the curtain.

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