• Domestic business is refundable if you CBF going :)

  • This is actually a pain in the a**!! The computer decides if it finds anything it doesn't like (not a human) and its automatically deferred onto a secondary belt that queues up. Last time in Sydney it got me, I was held up for 10 mins while old mate security worker was arguing with the bag before...

  • This was pointless all along and was just done for media attention and really, at the heart of it, marketing. Businesses that engage like this deserve to go under. Terrible behaviour by Air NZ and Qantas for this.

  • The T's& C's mention the extra status credits take "up to" 6 weeks to arrive. My renewal date is August 1st. I am doing two trips BNE-MEL (weekend of 17/18 Jul and 31 Jul/1 Aug). I wonder if anyone knows realistically if the BONUS status credits are instant like normal status credits, or if t...

  • How cool that the uptake of intrastate flights is there. That goes to show that as soon as borders open, we’ll see a strong and quick return of people on planes. Back to normal. Yay! I myself live in cairns and flew to Bris and back this past weekend and yeah the planes were predominantly f...

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  • Flew BNE LST return last weekend with VA. My first time flying w them in 10 years. 737-7 down (full) 737-8 back (half empty). Got business class upgrade for $100 each way with their bid system

  • Qantas cancels more A380 flights

    Aug 27, 2022, 05:53 PM

    They shouldn’t have scraped the last 2 aircraft. They should’ve kept them. Fatal error

  • Flight centre staff just had their annual awards trip to Vegas. They often charter Qantas and Air NZ aircraft for these trips

  • QF trans-tasman ex BNE or MEL

    Mar 07, 2022, 02:02 PM

    Any insider knowledge on when QF resume BNE and/or MEL to Auckland? I have a deep dislike of Air NZ (current only airline ex BNE) and it would be a lot for my older Mum to transfer in Sydney. She'd get lost and end up in Penrith or Campbelltown knowing her, hah.

  • Showers Open in Qantas lounges

    Feb 28, 2022, 11:52 PM

    They were fine at Melb business lounge yest (Sun 27 Feb).

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