QF trans-tasman ex BNE or MEL

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Any insider knowledge on when QF resume BNE and/or MEL to Auckland? I have a deep dislike of Air NZ (current only airline ex BNE) and it would be a lot for my older Mum to transfer in Sydney. She'd get lost and end up in Penrith or Campbelltown knowing her, hah.


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I'm also interested if anyone has any inside on resumption of QF SYD /CHC, or an increase in the SYD/AKL flights. I'm guessing they are probably holding off an 'actual' border opening is announced rather than a Kiwi only one..



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I'm in Auckland and are unable to book a Business connection over Sydney to Adelaide. QF website keeps stating 'your journey from Sydney to Adelaide will be in Economy' - seems stupid as there are Business seats, just no through fare apparently. NZ has been slipping off the Qantas radar for a few years now (even before COVID) with lousy connections through to QF1 or QF9

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& now Virgin cancels all flights Australia to NZ until some time in October 2022.

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