• I’m still a little confused by the comms, my year ends March 31, is this actually included or excluded from this promo? Obviously I missed on the last extension as it only started in April, was irrelevant anyway as had already retained plat.  Answer is probably obvious but I would appr...

  • My wife and I both VA Plat, matched us both to Plat. I got the email advising match, my wife didn't. Logged into her account it showed plat, worth checking if you don't get the email response.

  • As I'm sure with everyone that has already ordered things, I am wondering if we will actually receive them or how we will see the status of these orders. I am now unable to see as the store to track is not currently active, any other way can you let me know?I ordered something 2 weeks ago which H...

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  • Canceled reward seat that the base and tax were paid with points so I can’t comments on the dollar return. The points were back within an hour.

  • Virgin Status Extension

    Nov 27, 2020, 08:35 PM

    Yes mine was rolled over for another year (Sep), email was faster than it has been previous years.

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