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In the death throes of Virgin 1, Velocity announced a one year status extension for all members. It was around March if I recall. Does anyone have any idea if that will still be honored under Virgin 2 or did it walk out the door with Paul?


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I got an email this week saying its being honoured, 4 weeks before my roll over date.


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got mine until November next year


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It is honoured.

Velocity is a seperate company to Virgin Australia (flying companies).

Velocity never went into voluntary administration.

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Yes mine was rolled over for another year (Sep), email was faster than it has been previous years.


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I received an email a couple of weeks ago & my new platinum card arrived during the week. My review date was Nov, so seems like it gets confirmed as it expires.


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I was just sent an email if I fly one sector by the end of March 2021 , then I will get another year on Gold up to March 2022

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