• I still can’t get over the Darwin closure, it’s actually a waste of time flying Virgin from Darwin now. The Qantas flights are so close in price and leave an hour earlier. Ill still fly virgin out of BNE or OOL but I’m dissatisfied with Darwin.

  • This and the Gold Coast were my locals, crazy to see it like that, I could never get a seat in BNE as I used to fly out from there only on Monday mornings. Very upset about Darwin closing, I did plenty of work in there.

  • I was all good and confident. I transferred over a bunch of points from different places but now the app is not showing points etc. I’m a little more worried now.

  • Still no answer on the auto 2:1 rate i had that they turned off randomly in jan, pre COVID.

  • I have one of these cards and I would strongly say to NOT get one, it used to have an auto redemption feature where you would get 1:2 ration altitude to velocity. Taken away without notice and then when covid hit the stopped completely leaving my points stranded. The first point is unacceptable a...

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  • Virgin Status Extension

    Nov 25, 2020, 10:00 PM

    I got an email this week saying its being honoured, 4 weeks before my roll over date.

  • I have been velocity gold for years, i wouldnt say i flew it exclusively but mostly. I was very worried at the start of administration so i spent all my points on an iPad, good value? Not really but i was worried it would disappear so i was happy. I still have credit from cancelled flights, big i...

  • Reflections on a previous life

    Sep 01, 2020, 10:11 PM

    I’m normally away 1 week every month. But only went away in Feb this year. Haven’t been on a plane or in a lounge since then. Also working mostly from home which is very strange. Been good beating home, kids footy training, swimming etc. but I miss movies, the only time I watch movies...

  • Altitude Points

    Aug 17, 2020, 04:45 PM

    As of Jan my points from Westpac Altitude stopped auto reframing with no warning. I didn’t realise until after covid hit and now they are stuck over there. Firstly anyone think they will allow manual transfer any time soon?Secondly do you guys think Virgin Money will return as a viable repl...

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