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As of Jan my points from Westpac Altitude stopped auto reframing with no warning. I didn’t realise until after covid hit and now they are stuck over there. Firstly anyone think they will allow manual transfer any time soon?

Secondly do you guys think Virgin Money will return as a viable replacement?

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Personally I would recommend you to broaden your vision and see beyond velocity and Qantas points. Altitude reward is actually very valuable and I would look into Krisflyer and Asia Miles.

As to when banks will allow transfer to velocity again, I think that's no one knows. Bain capital has bigger issues to deal at the moment (fighting with the bond holders) so I suspect reward program is a bit on the low priority for them.


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I had the same issue with ANZ rewards. While I do agree with Michael, the appeal with Qantas and Virgin is the 2:1 transfer rate compared to the 3:1 on mosts programs, plus if you add a bonus (up to 50% on ANZ rewards) its too hard to give up.

I am curious how much velocity will be worth once COVID19 is over and if they will retain Singapore Airlines and Etihad redemptions?

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