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  • Fast Track Offer

    Dec 24, 2020, 12:10 AM

    Sent it again and got mine today. Bye bye VA

  • Fast Track Offer

    Dec 23, 2020, 09:57 AM

    Anyone heard back about the offer? I had an email from them yesterday asking for another image of my VA platinum card that said, once received, they would approve my Fast Track. Anyone else heard from Qantas Frequent Flyer?

  • Virgin Status Extension

    Nov 26, 2020, 10:50 AM

    got mine until November next year

  • I'm Plat. Waiting and seeing. My travel schedule has been smashed. I flew VA exclusively in past due to the family perks (I'm one of the 3 kids in the lounge peeps). I'd happily jump ship, just need to know as a QF gold can I take the wife and 3 kids into the lounge?

  • What next for Velocity elites?

    Jun 28, 2020, 05:52 PM

    Alliance. I'm sick of keeping up with VA's virtual group of partner airlines when trying to book a complicated family holiday. I received a OWE Qatar match. With my VA Platinum extended as all have, in the next 12-18 months I dearly hope something is sorted in this space.

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