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So Pre-Covid I think I was able to earn PPS credit with SQ and then pool my points and status to velocity.

Can this still be done, if so any pointers how to do it.. ive forgotten.


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Pre-COVID, you could indeed convert your Singapore KrisFlyer points to Velocity and vice-versa. Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia say that we will be able to do that again soon, but they have not yet given a firm date.

As for pooling or converting status, to my knowledge that could never be done. However, as frequent flyer partners, each airline would give, and continues to give, status benefits such as lounge access and priority boarding to people with status in the other airline's programme.


Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

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I've done this before. Normally what worked was having your VA number on the booking & boarding pass. Once points and SC have scooted to velocity you can do a retrospective mile claim with Krisflyer. You don't get SC or points with KF as these have already been given to Velocity however if you bought a business class ticket or higher (not sure if premium economy counts) the KF claim will net you PPS points. This certainly worked last time a paid for a J class with SQ, although that was pre-covid

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