• Cairns' population (159,000) is a third of Canberra's population (452,000), and Cairns supports widebody international services. So it's highly simplistic to say that Canberra doesn't have the population.The reason that Cairns can support a widebody service with its population is because of inbou...

  • My major gripe with this lounge has to do with management's refusal to open the upstairs area at times even when it's standing room only (eg. Sunday evenings). It's a good lounge when it's not crowded, so why is the upstairs area open so infrequently?

  • The unofficial alternative name for Qantas is, after all, "Sydney Airways". 

  • A Velocity-Avios transfer would be wonderful for the consumer but I suspect it's wishful thinking. As for American Express issuing a Mastercard or Visa, they're competing brands so it'll never happen unless one buys out the other.

  • "Singapore have already tripled the points for an award flight...".This is incorrect. The most recent devaluation last year increased award flights by about 15-20%. For example, a business class "Saver" award between Australia's east coast and Europe increased from 116,000 points to 130,000 point...

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  • Good reminder -- actually we should always be double checking points posted from every airline every time we fly. Virgin doesn't have a monopoly on system glitches!

  • On the one hand you state that the problem is that there are too many Qantas Golds, but on the other hand you also state that "when they do police it it does kind of work". So maybe the problem is not the Golds after all, but the Silvers and Bronzes who use PB?

  • Points upgrade waitlist

    Oct 17, 2023, 01:23 PM

    Looks like a glitch to me. I would give them a call and hopefully get yourself upgraded over the phone.

  • That's a horrible devaluation, especially given that availability is close to zero (so much for the CEO's promise to double the number of reward seats available).It is worth noting, however, that even with this devaluation, Cathay will still charge significantly fewer points for long-haul flights...

  • This is not uncommon for Singapore Airlines and happens elsewhere. Last year I flew Singapore out of Amsterdam; we were told to use the Aspire Lounge but there was a separate area for Singapore Airlines passengers, with its own food and even a dedicated staff member. Sorry to burst your bubble b...

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