Singapore Airlines' status without flying promo

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Did ET cover this? Bank transfer points (50,000 KrisFlyer equivalent) before Feb 28 next year and get KF Gold. Sorry if it has been covered

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Hi BMC, just to clarify, transferring 50,000 KrisFlyer miles doesn't get you Gold: you only earn 1 Elite mile per 5 KrisFlyer miles converted on eligible transactions, which means you need to convert a minimum of 250,000 KrisFlyer miles (and given the transfer rates, that's 500,000 AMEX points, 750,000 ANZ points etc), so it's not an easy goal to reach compared to the recent AirNZ Gold status match.

AirNZ's offer is much easier, giving four months of Star Alliance Gold with the ability to extend that to a full year after a small number of 'travel bubble' flights (100 status points).

On top of that, KrisFlyer miles normally have fixed expiry dates, and those who have Shangri-La Jade status can get KrisFlyer Gold after three Singapore Airlines flights anyway (including those who are still Jade from the now-ended AMEX partnership), so converting half a million credit card points or more to KrisFlyer to receive the same isn't the savviest option for the time being, given those alternatives.

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Hi Chris, I don't think that is a terribly convincing justification.

1. You seem to make the point that it takes a lot of points (250k miles or 500k Amex points), but then you guys have put a whole article on QF's Points Club Plus which is 350k points (700k Amex points) and only gives club membership (SQ gives full gold status). I know you can pick up points from everyday spend to reduce it, but still - 350k is more than 250k.

2. You miss the point that this might be useful for those who have existing elite miles balances with SQ as you only need to transfer in enough miles to get the status you are after at a rate of 5 miles = 1 elite mile.

3. The argument that it's easier to get Air NZ status isn't true - for Air NZ, you have to actually have status first with someone else. SQs program allows anyone to get Gold, no prior status required. Air NZ is only 4mths, to unlock the full year you need to fly NZ - not so easy for your international audience (wasn't international appeal one of the reasons for rebranding from AusBT to ET?).

4. SQ Gold isn't quite the same as Air NZ Gold - for a start, SQ Gold still confers some benefits on Virgin Aus. That may have some value to your domestic audience.

5. SQ's promotion also allows you to pick up PPS Value to maintain PPS status or upgrade to Solitaire PPS (PPS Value only for existing PPS Club members). Again, certain people may be quite attracted to this.

6. For some people, putting 250k miles with SQ is not so bad. SQ offers decent redemption availability and they have been proactively extending miles validity during covid unlike certain others (staring at you CX) - getting gold would be a cherry on top for these types. I don't have QF status and I have struggled to get J redemptions on QF, but on SQ I have gotten some good availability in the past on their 'higher value' routes or during peak periods without status (AMS <2wks prior to travel, LAX <1 month prior to travel, SIN-SYD on Xmas Eve although I booked this one a year 11mths in advance).

7. Whilst airline status right now may not be so useful, note that this promotion runs through to Feb 2022. If people time it right, you could get status into 2023. Something that would be useful to know now if some people were considering coverting their points elsewhere.

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