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  • Virgin Status Extension

    Nov 25, 2020, 08:55 PM

    In the death throes of Virgin 1, Velocity announced a one year status extension for all members. It was around March if I recall. Does anyone have any idea if that will still be honored under Virgin 2 or did it walk out the door with Paul?

  • Transfers to Velocity - now or later

    Jun 26, 2020, 04:29 PM

    With the news today about V2, it set me thinking as to whether to transfer to Velocity NOW in case points become more expensive to acquire (e.g., cc transfer, Flybuys) or whether to wait it out on the premise that points will only ever go down in value.Any learned thought?Cheers all

  • Have a Europe trip coming up and the wife has been nagging me about using a prepaid travel card rather than just Amex. The Velocity Global Wallet has appeal as we are a VA/SQ household. Any advice/comments gratefully received.

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