Transfers to Velocity - now or later

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With the news today about V2, it set me thinking as to whether to transfer to Velocity NOW in case points become more expensive to acquire (e.g., cc transfer, Flybuys) or whether to wait it out on the premise that points will only ever go down in value.

Any learned thought?

Cheers all

Michael Kao

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I don't think any credit card would allow you to transfer at the moment anyway.

Even if they do, I still wouldn't transfer prospectively. Never a good idea, especially we don't know exactly what VA 2.0 will turn out to be. Will it lose all partners since SQ and EY are no longer the share holder? What is a hybrid airline? Maybe velocity will become purely revenue based program like NZ airpoint? Too many unknowns to be transferring prospectively.

Even if there will be devaluation in transfer rate, they need to give enough notice, so there will be chances for you to transfer at current rate.


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My thoughts only - I would hope given the investment to be made in velocity and technology outlined by Bain to grow the program that they give back confidence and strength to their pool of Frequent Flyers and velocity customers by offering transfer bonuses, amongst other specials to get people back into virgin, flying domestically etc. They need to restore faith in the company which consequently was shattered by the term Voluntary Administration.

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