• Refunds Etihad

    Aug 21, 2020, 03:24 PM

    After chasing Etihad for almost 5 Months for my refund of $11,000 , I changed tack and went for a charge back, Hooray today I have the money in my account.It will make me think who I will,use next time we can go overseas.

  • That happened to me on Virgin last year PER SYD , I rang and Virgin refunded me the points, no problem ?I always find V are very easy to assist we are on Gold Status

  • Recently did Syd to Hong Kong A330 going there was great , but the return flight had very poor food and very average Qantas like serive.I love the seats but they could do with some more storage for long haul.I am Platinum with Virgin

  • Just back from Syd/Sin/MXP return in Business, and the head phones were fine, did not like the sleeping position at all,though.The storage and entertainment were very good.Food was average and book the Cook sort of ok as they did not have what we ordered , cabin crew were excellent.Thank you all ...

  • Luggage - Hard vs Soft Case

    May 19, 2018, 12:01 AM

    I have soft cases and use Victorinox a few years ago had some issues with zips on my Victorinox cases , and the Company who represent Victorinox, replaced both cases no questions asked and had them delivered to my home, now that is not only great service but an excellent warranty for LIFE.