No pies on Virgin

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We just flew Bus Syd to OOL and there were 8 pax in Bus class and by the time they got to row 2 they had run out of pies, alternative was a horrible Haloumi salad thing .These seats do sell at up to $499 each and when I am in bus class I expect to have a choice .The staff were very nice but when you have 6.30 PM flight and you a bit hungry , Virgin this is not good enough and when the staff tell you it is not the first time they had run out of pies.As loyal and long time Platinum/ Gold flyer it is very bad to have no other hot choice!


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Unfortunately it's not that much better at Qantas - running out of hot food after the first row or two is common. Until our carriers integrate food pre-ordering into more flights, this will always be an issue. I remember QF used to have this option for international flights.

If you want a confirmed pie, best to fly Jetstar and pre-pay for one at the time of booking!


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Just expecting someone posting that OP is behaving like the entitled, but I would suggest for the cost of the seats (granted they may be cheaper than precovid time) I would feel I am entitled to at least 2 attractive alternatives (although the idea of pies is not one of them) particularly during meal time and “city flyer” periods.

It's not June 2020 and it's not administration period and after all these saccharine sweet news (here's looking at you, QF), both VA and QF should be put on notice for offering substandard catering.

We should encourage posting on their social media sites FB, TT and IG so fire away!

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Who ate all the Pies!!!


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My search shows that Rex and Virgin are selling seats on this route for $299 with no blackout dates. The cheapest fare on Qantas is $685. I think expectations should be adjusted accordingly.


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Like the pub with no beer, the plane with no pies. "There's nothing so lonesome, morbid or drear...."


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Simplest option next could be choosing the first row when you book! (1A to be certain)


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Not exactly sure why, but I feel more comfortable in 1F and not 1A. That said, never missed a meal of choice from 1F.


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Go the Pies !!!


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what should be offered is a Pie with some kind of salad thing.and ensure they have enough.most people don't have time to get something to eat especially on the dinner flights from somewhere in the terminal to eat on the plane or to have before boarding.

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The CEO seems to have spent too much time at Jetstar, From commentary (mostly from her own mouth) Ms Hrdlicka has an inward looking/self focus - it therefore appears she doesn't seem to like customers or staff much.
A bit unfortunate when you're in a service industry (with two+ competitors).


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Unfortunately, disappointment has become part of the new Virgin Australia. I moved to Virgin when Qantas ditched the Gold Coast. I swore I’d never go back. I spoke to VA customer service about the constant lack of Business catering and denial of lounge access post flight. I was told this is the New VA and to get used to it. After that conversation, I broke my own promise and hopped back on the Kangaroo.


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Flew Cairns to Sydney in business with Virgin in June and all I got was some crappy cereal and milk. Nothing else available and nothing else offered the whole flight, not even a coffee. Terrible service, I had a mind to write in a complaint but I know it wouldn't achieve anything.

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