• They look really good and look forward to getting one.  Would be nice if the new series passports are valid for 12 years to make up for the 2 years that the current series got locked up for.

  • Flying out of Brisbane this morning and the lounge is closed.  No prior notification just an apology on check in.

  • At least now there appears to be a plan.  Not a very ambitious one as the second phase should be a lot earlier than 2022, but nonetheless a plan.7 day home quarantine is a lot more appealing than 14 days in a hotel and at a substantial saving to the traveller and the taxpayer.

  • If the government really wants to see a pick up in domestic air travel they should get rid of the mask wearing mandate on domestic flights.Wearing a face mask on a domestic flight in Australia which has had zero community COVID for a long time makes about as much sense as wearing a marine stinger...

  • My status review date is 9 January 2022.  I have already done the 8 sectors since January to meet the normal Platinum requalification.  Just checked the app and is still says my review date is 9 Jan 2022 rather than 31 March 2022.  The good thing is I guess I have 15 months to requ...

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  • Business class snake gone?

    Mar 20, 2022, 05:54 PM

    Flew today on VH-IJQ a former Silk Air 737. The plane had Virgin seats installed but the divider between Rows 2 & 3 was not installed. As a result there was no snake as the divider that the snakes attaches to is not there.The crew however did make an announcement that the front toilet is on...

  • No pies on Virgin

    Jul 02, 2021, 09:56 AM

    Who ate all the Pies!!!

  • New Virgin Business domestic verdict

    May 07, 2021, 01:35 PM

    Funny story - ordered what I thought was a warm turkey sandwich. What arrived was a vegetarian pesto sandwich on “Turkish bread”. This was a communication issue with the staff verbally providing the options but the face masks muffling the words somewhat. The service however was very ...

  • Exemptions to Mask Wearing on Flights

    Mar 22, 2021, 07:54 PM

    Holden - I don’t think you will find a website that’s list the conditions. As someone who has a similar condition to yours I suspect your GP will be aware of your condition and can write you a letter.I sympathise with you as sleep apnoea or other breathing conditions are not visible ...

  • I would suggest if you are thinking of buying points buy Qantas wine instead. Just bought a box of 12 red’s for $307.80 which netted 15,923 points (including 15,000 bonus points). 14 cartons would get 222,922 points at a cost of $4,309 plus assuming a qantas points earning card paid for i...

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