• Interesting, how would you say the catering is different - better or worse on weekends?

  • If you fulfill all the criteria in their PDS, then there's no reason why free credit card insurance won't work. However often they have stricter conditions and higher excess fees than paid insurance.

  • This is great news as a loyal Virgin flyer. I live in Launceston and wishfully hope that they will consider a weekend LST-PER service in the future. It's still easier to fly via Melbourne rather than drive down to Hobart.On Saturday mornings, a lot of people transfer from the LST-MEL service onto...

  • Qantas to fly Boeing 747 Sydney-Perth

    Jul 02, 2018, 02:47 PM

    To be honest, I don't think you'd notice much difference in the experience of 747 vs A330 on QF568, in either class.

  • Qantas moves to digital lounge passes

    Jun 14, 2018, 08:44 AM

    I recall seeing in the Terms and Conditions for complimentary passes, that the Perth International Transit Lounge is not eligible for those passes, unfortunately.

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  • Originally Posted by MLT20 I'm just redeeming some EK Business rewards points, and it seems the 'value' of the points has decreased over the Covid crisis. Formerly an $8,000 Business return to Europe would cost about 110,000 points. Now it is working out around 190,000. Has anyone else seen this ...

  • WA's flip-flopping border policy

    Nov 16, 2020, 01:50 PM

    To be fair, the WA criteria for quarantine-free entry (very low risk) has always been pegged at 28 days with no community cases.As soon as this is breached, then that state would fall into the next bracket (low risk) which is entry allowed with a 14-day home quarantine.If it gets even worse, then...

  • Originally Posted by gredgy69 I will be traveling to Perth next year in April for holidays, but could also be going for work in September/October, so was mulling over the preferences - Virgin 737 or Qantas 737/A330. It got me thinking whether Virgin would use the 777's it owns to fly the transcon...

  • Thanks, all flights are on one ticket but looks like I'll need to pick it up in Sydney and in Melbourne.Yes I'm aware of T1/T4 in Melbourne, just wondering if it's worth going T1 to T4 for check-in, back to T1 for lounge and back to T4 for the flight... have to say it doesn't sound appealing!

  • I'm flying Jakarta to Sydney and Sydney to Melbourne in Qantas business class, then Jetstar from Melbourne to Hobart.I've got two questions:Do you know if they can tag my bag through to Hobart with Jetstar, either at Jakarta or at the transfer desk in Sydney?Could I get lounge access in Melbourne...

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