• Damn!!! That’s a shame, it was a nice lounge! I remember the one before it which was like a “bunker” underground!

  • I do love Boeing aircraft, but the MAX range scare the s#%t out of me. It’s not just the crashes of this aircraft, it’s the cover ups!Have they truly ironed out all the issues of this aircraft? Have VA 2.0 bought them (or leased) because they are literally going cheap? 

  • Hi Chris,Has there been any movement at all on Virgin rebooting the wifi on domestic flights? Yes, it’s a “nice to have”, but Geeze it’s handy, especially just getting a quick message back to earth when you’re running late. Cheers, Jason 

  • In the last 5 days I’ve done a return business flight OOL - SYD. Both times only had one meal option by the time they came to me. I was in 2C each time. It’s not what it used to be. Asked if I could get something from the menu because I don’t eat salmon (all that was left for me...

  • Returned to the GC Lounge today for the first time since Feb Last year. It’s different but still feels homely. 

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  • No pies on Virgin

    Jul 30, 2021, 04:17 PM

    Unfortunately, disappointment has become part of the new Virgin Australia. I moved to Virgin when Qantas ditched the Gold Coast. I swore I’d never go back. I spoke to VA customer service about the constant lack of Business catering and denial of lounge access post flight. I was told this is...

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