• I'm surprised Velocity hasn't offered a promotion to transfer points over from FlyBuys and credit cards in order to raise cash. With most people currently redeeming their points for poor value redemptions Velocity should come out well ahead.

  • I have a morning MH flight departing while the Qantas lounges are still closed. Can I use the Cathay Pacific lounge?

  • How important is priority boarding?

    Jun 30, 2019, 10:30 PM

    I think that the benefit of having overhead space is overstated by the above comments. I have rarely missed out on bin space over the years regardless of when I board. The times that I do miss out happens so infrequently that there is no need to change my boarding habits because of it.

  • It would be interesting to revisit this in 12 months time to see if the fees are still the same or if Qantas has gradually increased them.I wouldn't be surprised to see the fees slowly creep back up and we end up with high points cost and high fees.

  • It would be impossible to confirm if they will in fact release more award space. Could be an empty promise for all we know.

  • Did you get an email with a ticket number?

  • You probably would have been better off booking with an online travel agent. The fare would likely have been cheaper, the booking experience better and you still would have received double status credits for the Qantas portion.The Qantas booking engine shows errors for various reasons. It is diff...

  • Wow. Only 1 call and a 35 + 15 minute wait for BA to solve a problem. Would've taken several calls and hours of hold time for QF to do the same.

  • 6am flights are unlikely to be delayed because the plane would have been sitting there overnight. Qantas will probably give you express passes for Sydney immigration. I think flying in the night before is being way too cautious and also wastes money on a Sydney hotel.

  • At the moment I can see one day in August which has two seats available in business on the direct flight available to me as a Platinum.