• Interesting that ET hasn't reported the news (reported by ABC yesterday) that some of the bond holders are unhappy with Deloitte's handling of the process, seeking more info on the Bain's bid and may be voting against accepting the deal

  • While I agree that some pax behaviour with food stacking is appalling, I do use the lounge for dinner, since I may not like the offering on the airplane and for many travelling and waiting in the lounge between 5-7 pm it meant we may not get home/hotel before 8-9pm

  • Ah, so.....Thanks for confirming! For a while I thought I needed to check my glasses

  • I am confused. Did Bain or VA actually announce anything about their relationship with Luke Mangan or is it an expectation inferred by the assumed course for VA based on previous announcement?Nothing in the article said Mangan was told by Bain that he will not be doing anything for VA although I ...

  • Ironically MEL lounges IMO are far better than SYD in terms of catering and seating despite being smaller

  • What An Absolute Mess ?

    Jun 26, 2020, 12:55 PM

    Agreed. There are complaints in other forum on ET that many QF loyalists are unflattering about the VA fortune and future but the fact is there were a lot of hype even before the administration, as well as during the bidding process and I was also surprised it became a 2-horse race when it seemed...

  • ET Virgin Articles.

    May 22, 2020, 04:09 PM

    Actually the potential buyers articles are also published by ABC news amongst other media outlet which reflects the interests and speculation that is out there, so ET's foray doesnt stand out that much IMOState governments putting out announcements with "partial" bids doesnt help either.Then, REx...

  • SQ ADL Lounge at the auctions

    May 17, 2020, 04:31 PM

    It will be an interesting move by the ADL management, since dilutes brand loyalty, and airline foothold (and legacy if they want to pull out of ADL routes).Furthermore if more international airlines reduce or withdraw routes to ADL (temporarily or permanently from the COVID-19) how do they expect...