• A word of advice about the TranzAlpine train. There is no prior seat selection, even in the higher grade Scenic Plus class (which by no means is anything like First on say the Glacier Express). Allocation is on the day. Some seats are airline style pairing, others are four at a table. The latter ...

  • Agree with PCHammond, comfortable bed. That includes pillows. Not foam slabs like bricks. Not cheap feathers that rustle in your ear all night. OK, first world issues but that's the quality we should expect in a good business hotel.

  • The caveat about Chromecast etc is of course the wi-fi. No-one wants constant buffering interrupting their entetainment but that will always happen on poor hotel wi-fi. Another reason to pick a hotel with decent data speed. Even then, don't expect HD to work without issues, set for SD viewing.

  • Is this just Finnair or are we about see all the others do it too? Making it retrospective to apply to already bought tickets is a) insulting and b) may be a breach of contract.  Anyway, Finnair has obviously embraced the Ryanair doctine - if you can make the punters pay more then do it and ...

  • So dinner is served at 4pm Australian time, 2am New York time.  Really?

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  • Luggage Transfer LHR

    Dec 07, 2023, 10:06 AM

    TAP is in Star Alliance with SQ so if your journey is on one ticket BNE-LIS with transits only it's very likely your bag can be checked all the way through.

  • Qantas : no photos please

    Dec 01, 2023, 03:06 PM

    Seems Qantas now has a new T&C, no photos or videos of crew or other pax without permission. Check out the Conduct During Flight section. Apparently not applicable on Jetstar, yet. There goes your vid of misbehaving fellow travellers on QF though. Nothing said about crew taking photos/vids of...

  • J with toddlers, seat choice

    Nov 28, 2023, 09:26 AM

    This is a difficult issue. Should parents be disadvanged from J into economy because they have young kids? Should passengers in J be disadvanatged because of young kids (not their own)? For what it's worth, the interest of the majority of pax in J (or P) should outweigh that of the minority. It...

  • Air NZ: ongoing delays for 6 months

    Nov 07, 2023, 02:40 PM

    Air NZ has announced ongoing delays over the next 6 months affecting approx 330,000 passengers. On Tasman routes that might mean a time change on the booked day, or it might mean having to travel the day before or the day after the booked day. Refunds will be offered in lieu. Two points remain ...

  • Rather than set out the facts here I've put in a link to the story of a weekend in Melbourne ruined by complete incompetence on the part of Qantas. Not a business trip but the same principles apply. Including the woeful offers of "compensation". Do cut and paste to your browser. https://www.stuf...

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