• 20,000 people couldn't get in (initially) to Suncorp on Fri night to watch some leagie game & ticketek has been going for how many decades ?Apparently, in the end they just let people in, with or without a ticket.Wonder how many got in free ?

  • did more people die from flu last year ?Possibly or at least close in number.or look at deaths in 2019 for 80yos or older.You can't have zero cases or wipe out corona.We've completely over-reacted, killing economy, for what ?So we can keep opening & closing, opening & closing.We can't all...

  • nopenot one healthy person has died from corona. Everyone who has supposedly died from corona, has had some underlying health issue.

  • pattrickkno one has any numbers on how many have immunity, but suspect it's much higher than estimates.Repeating, no healthy person dies, no matter what their age.

  • looking at flying to Queenstown NZ in winter. Without virgin, who will be flying Brisbane to Queenstown ? Qantas, Air NZ (will they increase services or will fares go up a lot), or maybe Jetstar, who haven't flown this route before.

  • so kiwis can come in OZ (NSW & SA) freely from this friday, with no stupid quarantine, but not reciprocal ?Who does this govt think they are ? Hitler ?

  • Surely Virgin could get deal from hell on one or 2 of the leased 777s & then operate to LAX, maybe not on a daily basis, maybe even on a low cost basis.Imagine many of former Virgin 777 crews would work for a lot less or profitshare, otherwise their prospects are dim.Otherwise, qantas will be...

  • Family Christmas

    Aug 17, 2020, 01:59 PM

    Originally Posted by olliek57 The only thing i can think of as an alternative is over 55s "shield" and await priority doses of vaccine.Under 55s get back to working and travelling, employing social distancing, mask wearing in public and good hand hygiene.But then again, govt must have considered ...

  • Load Factor

    Jul 20, 2020, 01:50 PM

    Brisbane/Darwin on virgin last Friday must have been around 95% load factor, but found out when getting off, that the cabin crew for return trip back to Bris, flew up to Darwin as passengers. Something to do with staying current.