• Qantas to raise fares, cut flights

    May 27, 2022, 04:23 PM

    winged warrior, you do know you can use qantas & now virgin points to fly from LAX (or any other the major airports in LA, Burbank, Long Beach, Ontario or John Wayne to almost anywhere in USA or Canada, even at xmas. Similarly from SFO, OAK or SJC.

  • Qantas to raise fares, cut flights

    May 27, 2022, 04:16 PM

    qantas is pricing itself out of the market, with recession just around the corner. You can fly SYD/LAX direct Xmas & back mid January for $1500 on a better airline. That's return not one way.

  • just looked up LAX/YVR for DEC on velocity site & only option showing was Delta ?

  • fares right now for late Dec/Jan to Japan seem very very high, cf. USA where can get to for roughly $1500 return SYD/LAX direct.

  • I'm fly Fiji air in future. Better and safer airline than qantas*. Fiji air seems to fly to SFO 4 times a week.A350 SYD/NAN, then A332 or A333 NAN/SFO. The premier lounge in Fiji is one of the best around.(*Think it was Sept 1999 that Qantas wrote off their B744 at Bangkok. The jole going around ...

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  • QF trans-tasman ex BNE or MEL

    Mar 11, 2022, 06:13 PM

    & now Virgin cancels all flights Australia to NZ until some time in October 2022.

  • friend just phoned to say he just found out that both his outbound & inbound flights to NZ in July school holidays, had been cancelled & told by person at Virgin, that all these international flights canned until Oct. Air NZ has similar timing of flight going over & qantas has similar...

  • Doha transit

    Feb 24, 2022, 03:37 PM

    don't they inspect womens vaginas at Doha ?

  • it now seems all you need is a negative RAT or letter from Dr. ... below is from smart traveller govt site .........Do I need an accepted COVID-19 test result before I travel if I have recently recovered from COVID-19?If you have recovered from COVID-19 within the last 30 days before your schedul...

  • Originally Posted by tommygun By extension, if you were booked on a late evening flight that got cancelled and they offered you an early morning flight same day - thus depriving you of 12+ hours to do things you had planned - they still would not be bound to cover accommodation. Why does that not...

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