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Hi all,

Booking for Brisbane to Athens in August. Have 2 options direct from Brisbane - a 1hr 15min layover or 7hr 05min layover. Wanting to book the 1hr 15min layover but wondering if this gives enough time to transit.



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Thats plenty

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don't they inspect womens vaginas at Doha ?


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the way they search ones belongings and the rest of it regardless of gender going through Doha has me thinking is it wise?I did it that way last time to Europe but only I missed out on a special deal on Singapore Airlines a few weeks earlier via Singapore at the time.


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Wouldn't risk it. The mental stress as well the physical-if your aircraft are at gates that are far apart it's one hell of a walk or else the hassle of making your way to the inter-terminal train. Security can definitely be thorough and slow at DOH. If you have lounge access enjoy that or get a room a the air side hotel(if open).


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Originally Posted by regular flyer

don't they inspect womens vaginas at Doha ?

Yes they did invade women's rights in Doha, and for those who give it 5 "disrespects" it did REALLY happen. You can sweep it under the carpet to appease your amount of points whatever, but you can't deny the abuse!

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