Qantas joey club.

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Qantas joey club.

Hi i was wondering if anyone new how to join the qantas joey club?? i have looked everywhere. thanks

Andrew Barkery

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For you or for a tot/young kid?

They would probably want to see the tot, so maybe bring him or her along on a flight and ask.

Chris C.

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Hi Andrew, a number of your posts with links were flagged by our software for manual review as per our comment policy. We'd ask that when a post with a link does get flagged you not keep posting variants until one gets through the system, as all links are screened for various reasons including spam reduction and relevance.

In this instance, we've removed those links as the (new) Qantas Joey Club is a program for young frequent flyers, as covered here: Qantas, The Wiggles launch Joey Club for young frequent flyers

(There is also a child care service under the same name for staff working at various airports, but it's safe to assume that the new Joey Club is what Logan was looking for.)


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The link given at the launch (for a free signup), which gived the blurb is at

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