• I haven't been paying close attention, but it may well be that the flights were not cancelled to begin with. They may cancel them closer to the date.

  • Originally Posted by airADL Where did the 750mill bailout cash go? There was not a lot of cash - most of the 750 million was relief from fees and charges. If they aren't flying, they aren't getting a lot of benefit from it.

  • Another airline in Australia?

    Feb 14, 2020, 06:59 PM

    If someone thought they could make a buck out of it, I am sure they would try. What gap do you think there is in the market that is not being addressed?

  • Originally Posted by djtech Is this an official change to introduce a lower than regular economy product network wide or is this a sale event? Surprised there isn't a official press release and no reporting whatsoever on this change if it is airline wide. It has been introduced on the Long Haul I...

  • As it stands, the SC will count to the membership year at the time you make the selection. So if you make your choice after the end of Feb 2020, they will count in the new year,,