Qantas Hotels not charging GST on hotel bookings in Australia

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I recently noticed Qantas Hotels aren't charging GST on their hotel bookings in Australia, despite their invoices having an Australian ABN.

When it was questioned directly to them, this was the response I got back.

"This is in regards to your Qantas Hotels booking enquiry for bookings XXXXXXX, as we have had to check your concern with our tax team.

Please note that we have checked on the status of the GST component on your booking and since this was booked via a 3rd party supplier (Expedia) for this particular hotel, GST is actually not applicable (which is why it correctly shows as $0). This is due to the GST status of this supplier to Qantas Hotels.

We appreciate your understanding and if you have any further issues or concerns please let us know."

The booking was made through an Australian company with an ABN (Qantas Hotels), not a third party, so GST should be shown.

I'm curious about what other people think about this, as I see this matter has been raised on an ATO community website, and states GST should be charged.


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Qantas finding a way to not pay tax is hardly news!


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It may be due to the GST status of the property (they do say this particular hotel), Some properties are classified as residential apartments and there is no GST applicable. But without knowing the property, it is hard to know.

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