New round of status extensions?

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I failed to capitalise on the last one (from early in the year) and as such my platinum membership will be lapsing next month. Recently I saw a couple of articles on here suggesting that the next round of status extensions would be just around the corner for Virgin, given that Qantas had just offered it again for their members. Sadly that hasn't come to pass. Is this unlikely to happen now?


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Those that managed to get their flight in, and get the 18 month extension, are due for an extension of their status late this month. It would be my expectation that any further announcements would likely come near that time.


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Pick the right day for a good news story would be my guess?


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I expect there will be an announcement after the current known extensions which take place at the end of September.

Announcing anything prior will just be confusing.


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An eight month status extension (for Velocity) just landed in my inbox. My current review date is in late December.

Bonus status credits and earn+burn too!

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Yay my partner and I both got 8 month extensions on our platinum memberships.

Also looks to be an ongoing doubling of status credits earned on future flights as well!

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