• Cyrus abandons Virgin Australia bid

    Jun 26, 2020, 10:03 AM

    They filed their bid on time, but interpreted the silence from the administrators as a signal their offer wasn't as good, hence the "further unsolicited package".

  • Some people may not have had any reason to come 'home' and have had their hand forced by employment ending (and losing residency as a side effect) or the difficulty of winding up their obligations (housing, financial etc.) wherever they are. I imagine quite a few returnees in the second half of t...

  • I often have to visit manufacturing facilities to set up new products for production - compared to simply not being able to go this would actually be useful. (Doing this remotely is possible but gets harder, slower and riskier the more complex the product) I can put up with 2 days locked in the h...

  • Boeing and Airbus are going to be desperate to keep their production lines humming, I suspect some forms of "creative" finance (like the US Export-Import bank) might get involved.

  • According to the AFR, Strawbridge is demanding bidders break down things like debt rollover, employees retained and government support. Sounds like they are trying to deter bidders like Indigo and IndiGo whose only practical interest is in the air operators certificate.

  • Gas & Bloating on flights

    Mar 10, 2019, 11:12 PM

    I always select aisle seats (in economy) on long flights for this reason, so I can get up and head to the loo whenever.Certain types of inflight meals can work against you, SQ's meals are always very filling (bread, noodles etc.) vs Etihad's mid-eastern fare seems to digest better (especially in ...