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I have just flown MEL-DEL-MEL in business class and was astounded to discover that Qantas have deleted music from their in-flight entertainment offering. Am I the only person to have noticed this? When I challenged the Flight Service Directors on both flights they told me that I am the only person to have complained in their experience. Apparently, this decision was taken before COVID.

Thoughts, comments?


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You definitely arnt the only person to notice - i miss the music hugely. Especially on intl flights where there is no wifi. Ironically JQ still has music on their 787s

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Music was removed from the IFE some years ago. I expect that it's largely due to lack of use. Most people have a phone and many have some music stored on it.


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Ex QF Staff - it was a pre covid removal for cost savings so they don't have to pay licence fees. Typical QF.


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Ultimately it comes down to usage. The vast majority of people bring their own music on their phones and their own headphones so is it really that surprising that they would get rid of music from their IFE.

It is not typical QF, it is typical business operations of any company on the planet trying to turn a profit. MacDonalds aren’t going to keep a burger on the menu because 0.002% of customers order it.

It’s a massive first world problem that Qantas won’t care about. They will save more money by getting rid of music than if a few people decide to fly on a different airline


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I loved the music option, kept me away from burning my eyes away to dryness on a long haul flight. The issue I have is, they removed a great option & increased airfares.

I haven't joined the buy 10x subscriptions for spotify, hulu to entertain yourself fad. So buying a ticket on an airline, that provides "entertainment" (btw their video library has reduced dramatically as well) was great for me. But their constant "enhancements" make flying QF feel more and more restricted and claustrophobic as the flights get longer.

QF has huge potential with the next generation of aircraft being delivered this year to up the ante and really reinvigorate the brand. But, I feel it in my waters, will be another implementation fail.


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I suspect, in the actual real world, 0% of consumers decide which airline to fly due to having music on its IFE.

This must be reaching close to the bottom of the barrell for qf bashing.


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Music and radio channels were removed in 2018.


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What does one do these days.I am not sure if bringing my own phone with YouTube music and other videos counts as an option

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I haven’t flown Qantas since 2016 but it was very sad to see music being axed from the IFE. It was such fun that I enjoyed listening to some old music.

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