• Im glad you can read articles, but a quick search for award availability from Singapore to Sydney in the second last week of December shows seats in economy, premium economy and business being available across a 5 day period. Those seats have been there since before the pandemic started so you ca...

  • I disagree on the award seat point, very easy to find availability especially on the Sydney-Singapore and SIN-SYD legs. Also usually availability on one of the two BA flights from LHR to Singapore.

  • I wonder if they will tentatively schedule a last ever 747 points plane. Obviously with the knowledge that it probably won't happen but it would still be cool.

  • Unfortunately it does seem a bit unfair, but you aren't the only one who will be in this situation and Qantas can't be giving every person who is stuck in your situation a higher status tier.Hopefully you'll be able to qualify next year.

  • Originally Posted by wannabe_wp Qantas are also only offering travel credits on flights until the end of May. The reality is that this will carry on for longer. So why have they only offered it until May? Well it doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out, that like your status extension, this is a...

  • Your second point would require the assumption that other airlines are not as affected as Qantas.We can already see that this is not the case, so it would not be expected that they outsource routes.On this basis every airline would try outsource routes because they are all going to see huge losses.

  • It apppears that You are looking for availability on the two hardest qantas routes to get business availability. Qantas never releases business awards on QF9 and hardly ever on QF1 (they did release extra award seats earlier this year including QF1 but this has never happened before).Even calling...

  • Qantas 2nd A380 refit complete

    Dec 22, 2019, 12:13 PM

    They did the refit for Vh-oqk and oqh in Dresden, Germany. Will see for future refits. Guess it depends on the plane and where they get space