What can I do for a 6 hr stopover in Hong Kong Airport?

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What can I do for a 6 hr stopover in Hong Kong Airport?


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It's pretty easy and cheap to go into central HK with the Airport Express. I think the tickets are around 180HKD return from memory to Central. Takes 25mins or so and leaves pretty much once every 10mins. This takes you straight in under the IFC Mall. We took this in, had dumplings at Tim Ho Wan which is literally there at Central when you get off. Walked around IFC Mall shops, had a decent coffee at a cafe there which overlooked the water and Kowloon side and then took the train back. Decent way to spend a few hours. We are doing the same thing in December and this time, might get off at the Kowloon stop of the Airport Express (right under Elements and Ritz Carlton) and go up to the top of the Ritz Carlton (sensational views) for Yum Cha at Tin Lung Heen or I think they do a Chocolate Afternoon thing there too if you're outside of service times for Tin Lung Heen!


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You could also cheat and swing by Tung Chung, which has all the shopping and F&B options you'd expect of a major town centre in Hong Kong, but without the famous sights.


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Assuming you are there during the day google Ngong Ping 360 its a one stop away in the airport train. Nice cable car ride and you see the bug buddha.

If at night only thing to do is to head to town via airport express for dinner shopping etc

Personally I love the ferry ride between kowloon and the island night or day.


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There used to be a free city bus tour. did it once with only a 3 hours stopover. Went to a temple, a park and then train back in. Very chilled way of doing a stopover ironically.


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Airport express to Victoria, walk or bus/tram to Aberdeen and then a water taxi to one of the Jumbo floating restaurants for a spectacular meal, and then retrace your steps.

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