• Good to see another competitor available to depart Perth for most destinations. It would be good to have Etihad back here as well, but time will tell.

  • Depends where your'e flying from. For us in Perth it is a perfect fit, not as a destination in itself, but is a seamless transiting point for both Europe and the US.

  • Qantas pauses Perth-Paris plans

    Jun 07, 2019, 04:18 PM

    Agree - around $20m from memory to satisfy Mr Joyce.

  • The ads are certainly a pain, though don't do the movies, always prefer the flight map. On my last flight (QR) unlike the movies where the ads come up front and then no longer, on the map they are constantly included in the rotation, which is painful. Hope that hasn't extended to other airlines.

  • If the pic at the top is what is coming, this seat looks better than it works. I flew on an SQ flight SIN-PER last year which had this seat. The Purser advised me that the aircraft was only a few weeks old, but can't recall what type. From the pic, you can see the seat is quite narrow, and the la...