• Rod - my comment was directed to the author of the article, I put a like against yours...Frank

  • Doesn’t matter who they are, or how long they’ve been overseas, as decided by the cabinet, there must be a pre-flight certificate showing a negative test, and there should be no such thing as ‘home isolation’.    In WAs case in particular, the only positive cases...

  • It’s not the ‘low risk’ countries I’m worried about, its the ‘high risk’ clowns who would invariably break the rules.  I would imagine that the many that have flown the coop from hotel isolation were most likely to have come from ‘low risk’ cou...

  • Good to see another competitor available to depart Perth for most destinations. It would be good to have Etihad back here as well, but time will tell.

  • Depends where your'e flying from. For us in Perth it is a perfect fit, not as a destination in itself, but is a seamless transiting point for both Europe and the US.

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